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Data-based Decision-making - Lewis Werner, CEO of Quill Security

March 11, 2021

This week on It's Under Control your host Jake Allen speaks with Lewis Werner, CEO, and co-founder of Quill Security.  Quill is a relative new-comer to the security industry but is already making a big splash by embracing technology to leverage standard risk assessment methodologies endorsed by ASIS.  The baseline risk picture that Quill helps you create can be established in less time than traditional methods and is often enough to completely replace the templates and spreadsheets of the past.  It’s not surprising that Lewis's approach to security risk management is grounded on the premise that better data makes for better decision-making.  After all, he is a scientist at heart with degrees in Physics and Biotechnology from the University of Minnesota.  Listen as he explains how sometimes being an outsider in the security industry affords him a unique perspective that can drive innovation.  

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