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Importance of Intellectual Curiosity — Tony Ridley, MSc

March 2, 2021

This week on It's Under Control your host Jake Allen speaks with Tony Ridley, MSc about the importance of maintaining professional intellectual curiosity in security risk management.  Tony's own career in international security risk management followed 14 years of distinguished service with the Australian Special Air Service (SAS).   Since leaving the service he has supported diplomatic and commercial clients in Iraq and other high-risk environments and obtained a Master's Degree in Security and Risk Management from the University of Leicester.   That impressive combination of attributes makes Tony a very unique character but perhaps even more impressive is his voracious appetite for reading and researching both new and old information from the field of international security risk management.  He's probably one of the most well-read people you will meet in the industry.  His commitment to continuous learning has helped him be attuned to his own potential biases, cultural and contextual differences that have the potential to interfere with his analysis, assessments, and ultimately the recommendations he makes to his clients.  He also gives us 3 of his best book recommendations so stick around until the end.  

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